MotoGP Frankreich 2020MotoGP Großer Preis von Frankreich 2020

15 17 Mai
T11 - Privilege

T11 - Privilege

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A covered grandstand located opposite the pit exit provides fantastic views of the long pit straight, the exhilarating Dunlop bend - of the fastest of the season - and the hard braking Dunlop Chicane. Your tickets to this grandstand give you access to the "Privilege" parking area, and campsite area at the Centre des Expositions.

Included as part of your ticket package is;

  • Official programme and radio (in French only), subject to availability.
  • Access to the Friday and Saturday autograph sessions.
  • Access to the entertainment areas which include live music, stunt shows and more.

Child tickets are not available for any Grandstands and a full priced ticket will need to be purchased.


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Privilege Left View

Privilege Left View


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Am hilfreichsten

Keith Henson

29 Mai 2019


Awesome Weekend of Racing

Brilliant racing, but a few things could be improved. This is our 4th year of coming to Le Mans and the pit walk was too many people. We pay for the privilege but could only see a small part of it. Not a good as a few years ago. The second thing is the privilege parking, it would be excellent if there was a separate entrance/exit into the parking away from the 200,000 other bikes to make life easier. Other than that, it was all good

John Laking

21 Mai 2018


French moto gp

What a fantastic three days. The privelage package u supplied could not have been better. The grandstand seats, bike parking, and pit lane walk all made for a great time even down to a complimentary program and fm radio. Superb value for money the whole package was the same price I paid for a ticket for a grandstand seat at silverstone. All in all superb value for money maybe Silverstone could take note if there ticket value was on par we would get 120000 attending our Moto Gp

M&J from UK age range 30-40 yrs

22 Mai 2017


MotoGP Le Mans 2017

We had a fabulous time at the MotoGP. Myself (not such a big fan of bikes on TV) loved it. I and hubby went for the full 3 days. What can I say, Sunday gets crazy busy! We had Privillage tickets as we wanted the pit walk. Pit walk was interesting. Unfortunately it was full of selfish people who would stand in front of Rossi's pit and stay there, people waiting behind them to get trough to take photos had no chance. I think there should be some security and a line of people in a queue, take picture and go away basis. We had no chance as people that were there 10 minutes earlier still stood there and just stared. Also the exit from the pit was on the other side of the track (different to were we entered) so had to walk back to the stand and we missed the qualifying. In my opinion it was interesting but could be done much better. The stand was quite close to the side entrance for Suzuki stand. Get off on the guatalloupe tram stop and you are in via Suzuki entrance. On Saturday by mistake we didn't get of there and went to mm arena instead and it was packed of people queuing, even on Sunday the Suzuki entrance had like 4 people getting in trough it in front of us. By Sunday whole place stunk of pee, there were men peeing everywhere even when there were no queues to toilets, and as there were urinals outside too they had double the amounts of "toilets" comparing to women. They were peeing in bushes, behind every car, on the walls, terrible! You should give them fines!

Robert and Caroline Ellis

05 Juni 2016



We sat on the front row of the privilege grandstand in seats 10 and 11. The seats were extremely cramped and the view restricted. Only a small portion of the track was visible from our seats, the view down the track to the right was obscured by the structure of the stand which meant that the only view we had was of the riders directly passing us, and going away up the hill. This made it very difficult to identify them. Our view of the big screen was severely obstructed by the large post supporting the safety fence, which was directly in front of seat 11. Having bought what we thought were the best available seats based on price, we were very disappointed. I would also add that the toilet facilities at the track are a disgrace, with only one toilet block on that side of the track.


17 Mai 2016


Le Mans 2016

My only advice is to get there early and leave late. I was on my bike and even that was a nightmare, dread to think what it would be like in a car.

Nat & Gabbie

12 Mai 2016


Amazing Experince

We arrived on the Thursday afternoon to set up on the campsite. It was easy to get to with a sat nav and fairly quiet that day so managed to get a decent spot. The campsite of an evening was an amazing experience! Very loud so not really for people that want a quiet nights sleep however for a bike enthusiast it was brilliant! The track was brilliant and had an amazing atmosphere and our seats were brilliant! We also had a pit walk which is well worth the money! Acess in and out of the circuit was fast and easy! Only downside to the whole weekend was the queue to leave the campsite. It took us 2 hours just to get out of the campsite gates and was therefore late for our train home. I would recommend staying til later on in the evening on the Sunday or stay another night and leave on the Monday. Overall though it was an excellent weekend and we met some amazing people and the race was brilliant! Will definitely be booking again for next year! Highly recommend going to this track!

Kevin Pickering

09 Mai 2016


A very good experience with just a few little disappointments.

The Privilege (expo) campsite was much better than the red and blue sites. However, we had to suffer long queues for the toilets (only one male WC and four urinals) and showers. The showers were cold Thursday, Friday and Saturday which was very uncomfortable and disappointing. I had expected a better service. I don't think there was as much choice of food this year as previous years (I missed the 2014 and 2015 motogp's). I certainly missed the tartrtiflette!!

Kevin Gomm

26 Mai 2015


French MotoGP review

The whole weekend was once again a complete success. My only problem was that one of the seats I was allocated has a restricted view of the large screen TV set opposite the grandstand which spoiled the experience for the person in that seat.

David Lean

19 Mai 2015


Le Mans Moto GP

Staying in the town centre made it easy to get a tram to the East entrance. Access was easy but the facilities are nowhere near as good as Assen. The view of the track from the Privilege stand looks great on paper but it isn't very good when you get there because of the amount of other stands in the line of vision looking down the start/finish straight. Dunlop stand would have been better. The atmosphere was brilliant, the French commentator really got the crowd revved up and that made the close racing even better.

Jackie Slane

18 Mai 2015


Great information and service

We were provided with everything we needed to know in advance. This was our first Moto GP and all went very well. Thanks to the team at Book Moto. We will be back

mark blatchford

23 Mai 2014


ace weekend, hot weather was welcome

The only complaint I have is when we arrived no one could tell me where my camping ground was, even when I was parked out side the gate they kept sending me around in circles.I think the people on the gates should be shown the camping sites on a map and given one or have a big map of the camp grounds up on the fence to show people where to go ,not just to say this is not the one move on. Other than that well done.

Michael Addison

21 Mai 2014


moto GP Le Mans

A very enjoyable weekend marred only slightly by not having the campsite marked on the map. This would of been more difficult for people who are not familiar with the area and the circuit. The campsite was good and not over crowded like the others but unfortunately not enough showers and toilets available for the amount of people. The privilege stand was not in the best place but I appreciate this is out of your control. The pit walk was rushed and the general comments of the people was that we were hearded through so they could get the next people through. However, the important bit was the race which was excellent

tony lloyd

20 Mai 2014


le mans

campsite was hard to find and officals never new were to send you.could have been told there was electric at campsite if you had a travel adapter and a normal extension lead

p brown

20 Mai 2014


Le Mans

Entry to track disorganised. Toilets not well sign posted. Pit walk mayhem.PA system and more screens needed. More English translation. Although we arrived early on Sunday we queued for over two hours before leaving driver in car and running to get the start of GP3. Driver missed 10 laps. Nobody was organising traffic cars were abandoned causing more chaos.We had pre booked parking but that was of no help.Life wish granted see VR come second.


19 Mai 2014


Excellent experience

It was a fantastic experience. We were delighted to be there and watch it live. The venue catered for food which was basic but that was expected. We had excellent seating position; it was near the bent where most overtaking took place so it was brilliant. The only hassle was directions to the parking area, it was very hard to find any directions to privilige parking but once we were there it was an amazing experience.


18 Mai 2014


Excellent experience

The experience was excellent overall. The venue catered for most services which was brilliant. However driving to the venue was difficult because there was little signposting. Perhaps there should have more guidance on the maps that we were provided to reach our parking areas.


21 Mai 2013


Great Racing - great experience

Weather you have to accept. Really good event - Very good view of the racing and the large screen opposite ensured you were kept up to date with the action. Food a bit poor and pricey - but with every event ever this is the case. Parking the bike in the Privilege area was great - one of the best things I did. Getting out on Saturday and Sunday was so easy - safe storage for the helmet and no queues. Finding the Privilege parking area on the first day was a challenge - signage non existent - went around the whole circuit ( Tom Tom not helpful) . For those of you interested in the toilet - no signs - you need to ask and they were OK.


26 Mai 2012


Good race views, good parking facilities and enjoyed the pit walk too

The views from our Privilege Grandstand seats were very good. The Grandstand is at the end of the start/finish straight (the fastest point on the circuit). So, with the rain, we witnessed a lot of riders not making it around the bends heading up to the Dunlop Bridge! The large TV screen opposite the Grandstand was great for following the action around the rest of the Circuit, although the text was too small to easily determine the positions of the riders (take a pair of binoculars with you!). The Pit Walk was great, though it took us quite a while to work out where to access the Pits from (not from either end of the Pits, but from the other side of the Circuit, near the main entrance, via a tunnel under the track!).


21 Mai 2012


Rossi beats Stoner at Le Mans!

Seats were in "Privilege" stand and were awesome, covered, end of pit straight with huge screen opposite, close to bike park superb! The overall experience was superb, ultra secure bike park (can't get out without showing your log book), free helmet park (they even clean your visor), free programme, free "track radio", the roaming seats on the fri&sat are great so you can access all areas and the pit lane walk is awesome, totally recommend it! (that's saying so on a very wet & cold weekend but a MUST DO! Just remember to scan your ticket on the way out (otherwise you can't get in the next day!!) of the track - strange but true!


24 Mai 2011


Le Mans MotoGP 2011

Great race and enjoyed it a lot. For the price of the tickets in the Privilege stand the view is not great. The big screen was across from us and it was good to watch the race but you could not read the position names on the screen or times etc as there were too small. Access to the circuit is a bit chaotic. Got redirected several times and never found the privilege bike park. Afterwards I realised we must have asked the marshall right outside that carpark but he directed us elsewhere. Great atmosphere and 60km from circuit people lined the route to wave to the bikes. I'd go next time but just on general admission as there are many places with a screen to get a better view than that privilege stand. Overall good race and experience but next time I'll probably go gereral admission for the day.

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