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Suzuka Circuit attracts fans of motorsport all year long. Built as the first full-scale international racing course in Japan, it offers a variety of things you can enjoy, from an amusement park to a racing school to karting. It is located in a relatively remote part of Japan, on the eastern coast of the Kii Peninsula, and it falls under the jurisdiction of the Mie Prefecture, which also counts with Matsusaka and Kuwana among its major cities. The city of Suzuka is the largest city of the prefecture, but although the region in which it is located dates back to the Nara period, this city is relatively young: it was only founded in 1942 as the modern city it is!

The closest biggest cities to Suzuka are Nagoya to the East and Nara, Osaka and Kyoto to the West. Cultural and gastronomic experiences await at every corner, whether you plan on travelling further afield and commuting to the circuit, or staying nearby.

Suzuka is surrounded by nature reserves, like Mount Nonobori, Mount Senga-dake, Mount Kushiro-dake and Mount Nyudo-gatake, which offer excellent getaways in cool, green forests. The beautiful, lush parks Fukatani and Suzuka Flower Park are both a short distance away and worth the visit! If you are looking for a seaside escape, about 10km away you can also find the Tsuzumigaura beaches, popular for their beautiful pine trees, fine sands and shallow shoreline which makes for great swimming.

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Suzuka Flower Park

Suzuka Flower Park

Internationale Anreise

The nearest airport to the Suzuka Circuit is Chubu Centrair International Airport, in Nagoya, approximately 80km from the circuit. From here you can reach Suzuka via train or car.

Alternatively, Kansai International Airport, near Osaka and Kyoto, is located 132km to the South-East of the circuit.

Tokyo airports - Haneda and Narita International Airports - are approximately five hours away from the circuit by car, although public transport options are also available, with travel durations between three and eight hours. We recommend you plan your trip in advance to avoid disappointment.


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Stay Local

It's hard to be bored if you are staying close to Suzuka Circuit. Take advantage of your location and visit the Motopia Amusement Park, which hosts both the international racing course, hotels and natural hot springs. The amusement park features a lido with five adventure-themed swimming pools the whole family can enjoy. If you're looking to get behind a wheel yourself, there are many options to explore the park behind the wheel of a kart, and areas where you can test the science behind motorsport. Alternatively, you can try the Kur Garden Hot Springs, and relax after the day's activities.

The prefecture is also home to some of the most beautiful shrines and temples of the Shinto religion that is original to Japan. You can find a few of these within a short distance from the circuit, and worth the visit are the Inou Shrine, Koyasu Kannon-Ji Temple and Jingu-Ji Temple. Also worth the visit is the Suzuka Flower Park, which is a park with seasonal flowers in vivid colours.

Adventure Further Afield

Located 100km away from the circuit is the historic city of Nara. Do not miss the Nara Deer Park while you are here, a public park with temples, museums, and tame deer who will be eager to check if you have brought them snacks. Also in Nara are the Todai Temple, a Buddhist temple built originally in the mid-700s, hosting the largest bronze Buddha statue in Japan, and the Kasuga Shrine, a Shinto shrine dating back 1,300 years, which conserves the beautiful vermillion columns that support its roof.

If you are in Osaka, Osaka Castle merits a visit. This renowned, historic castle was built original in 1597 to host the emperor; it has been rebuilt over the years, and now also features a museum and gardens. If you are looking for more of a shopping and gourmet experience, try the famous theatre district of Doutonbori, a lively entertainment district known for its illuminated billboards, restaurants and theatres.

A little further afield is the metropolitan city of Kyoto, which among its many visual wonders counts with the beautiful forest of Arashiyama and the Fushimi Inari Shrine, both which will make you feel as if you've stepped onto a movie set.

To the East lies the city of Nagoya. Not only does it offer great options for accommodation, thanks to the easy commutes to Suzuka and Shiroko, but it also adds more places to visit to the list. First, the historic Nagoya Castle, dating back to the seventeenth century, hosts many exhibits and artifacts from the Edo Period - and great photo opportunities! Second, take a stroll through the Tokugawa Garden, a beautiful, calm public park with lakes and small shrines, as well as colourful trees. Venture deeper and visit the Meiji-Mura Museum located in Inuyama, an immersive open-air museum with traditional houses from all over the globe.

Ruck and Roll

The Rugby World Cup 2019 will be hosted in September in Tokyo, Japan, presenting unique experience to combine two sport events for your Japanese vacation. We advise you plan in advance, as ticket availability and accommodation may be limited.



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