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04 06 Sep.
Ascari (16)

Ascari (16)

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Located towards the end of the Ascari Chicane with a view of the straight heading towards Parabolica, this grandstand offers a great view of the cars jumping over the kerbs through the second two apexes of the Ascari chicane.

What can I see?

From here you can see the cars braking into the first part of the turn, then slowly accelerating across the three kerbs, passing you and crossing onto the back straight. Whilst immensely challenging as the cars are typically in a low downforce configuration at this circuit, the speed and control they have through this section is always impressive. Keep one eye on the cars exiting this segment, as they can sometimes come through the turns too fast and run wide on the exit.

What do I get with my ticket?

Ascari 16 is reserved seating on Saturday and Sunday. The circuit operate a roving policy on Friday 4th September, giving you roaming access to all general admission areas and grandstands (with the exception of Centrale). All 3-Day tickets will have access to the Thursday Pit Lane Walk, subject to confirmation.


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Ascari Grandstand

Ascari Grandstand


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gary steadman

15 Sep. 2019


once in a life time experience

First of all thanks to for making and booking and receive the monza f1 ticket great website easy to access information. we recived our booked tickets via email about 3 weeks before the event. Also we received excellent information about the race weekend where to park etc We had already booked but was great to have our choice confirmed by the information in the email. first visit was on the Saturday we went to the qualifying parked on the blue parking at monza football stadium easy to get to and excellent transfer by shuttle bus free with the parking ticket. getting to the track was very well sign posted and was about a 1.5 mile walk to entrance gates security check was quite quick and well organised on the day, we had booked general admission tickets had no problems getting a good view on the ascari straight. on exiting the track after again the shuttle to the parking was well organised. the suday of the race we again parked on the monza football stadium and free shuttle bus. the entrance to the track was difficult due the amount of people entering and the organisation had gone which was evident Saturday it was a bit of free for all to get to the security cues if you can call it that, but once through security getting into the track was easy this time we found a great spot just before the start and finish straight. although we were clad in Lewis Hamilton gear we had no concerns or hassle from the Italian fans . Overall a great experience

Ronnie johns

10 Sep. 2019


Good weekend with my son

Once again poor food and a rediculuos rule about selling bottles without the caps on, which moron made up that rule?

Lewis Claimawinaton

25 Sep. 2018


Hard work, expensive, tiring

Having booked for my sons 21st birthday present we paid for seats at Ascari bend, over £200 each. Having never been to Monza before the transport system is not the simplest. Expected decent links from Milan to circuit over the weekend- took us 3 hours to reach Ascari from Milan on Saturday so missed qualifying! Got there super early sunday, food and drink and power banks confiscated at entrance?! Spent another £50 on junk food and water. Tried for weeks to get info on transport links but everyone has a different story. Inside you would've thought they'd never put on a GP before, no signage, disgusting toilets, muddy tracks through woods. Race was exciting for a modern ERA event though!

Maria C

10 Sep. 2018


Ascari Ace

First time at the Monza circuit and a little bit apprehensive mainly on how to get there but thanks to Book F1 and the wonderfully organised Trenord rail service, we managed to find our way to the circuit. Our seats in the Ascari 16 grandstand were brilliant. We were in row I in seats 11 & 12 which were at the end of the chicane giving us a great view of the cars as they hit both apexes. We were also sat in front of one of the big screens so a fab view of the action going on round the rest of the circuit. Tip for other Monza virgins - take seat pads as the concrete grandstands are a bit cold & hard and also wear appropriate footwear as walking through the woody areas to get to the grandstands is a bit rough and muddy. Thanks to Book F1 for making our experience of this event one to remember.

Mario P.

10 Sep. 2018


Excellent Service and Communication


I attended the Monza GP. Excitement in the air as the front grid was all Red. 10 seconds after the start, it became rather flat. Despite Raikkonen in the lead for 3/4 of the race, the atmosphere was never the same. Overall great experience. But amazed how old the Monza circuit looks …


05 Sep. 2018



It was generally well organised and easy to get around. Would have been better if Monza out on extra buses or free shuttles. The communication leading up to the event was fantastic .


03 Sep. 2018


Amazing atmosphere - beautiful park - crazy transport

This year's race was exceptional - with Ferrari front row lockout. Fans were in top form. The race was just as good with an incredible win by Hamilton. Race is in national park, so walking tracks can be muddy with big puddles if it rains - still very pleasant to walk through forest. General admission provides reasonable viewing opportunities. I was at second variante on Sunday (not in stand) which was filled with action this year. On Friday and some of morning of Saturday I was able to use stands with general admission ticket. Transport to track was ok on Friday and Saturday - take S7 line from Porto Garibaldi train station to Biassono Lesmo (Trenord runs this suburban line train so you need different ticket from Metro). Was different on Sunday as train just numbered S - but they did offer a 5 euro return ticket. If you get off at Monza station you will pay 5 euro more for connecting bus to track. My advice is plan ahead and leave time to buy tickets at station before boarding for getting to track as guidance is limited on the day. See for metro trains and for suburban trains In track food and drink were at usual inflated event prices, no surprises there. Track invasion at race finish is definitely something special to be part of.

Gareth .

04 Sep. 2017


very exiting, and very tiring

We took a taxi from Milan to the race track that was 40 euros , then we had a forty minute walk ,then had to queue for a hour and a half through security . no toilets . Fortunately my wife and I are fit and healthy otherwise it would be very difficult . we enjoyed the occasion and the race ,then we had a hour walk back no singes informing us where the train station was .when we eventually found it had to queue for another hour for the train .we wont be enduring that experience again .

Andy R

11 Sep. 2016


Excellent race circuit

2nd time at Monza, lessons learned.... Forget general access, hard to get a decent view (with screen) unless in a stand, arrive early, bus service to circuit excellent but if you are late (as we were 1st time around) you'll be in for a long walk. Toilet facilities a joke, ensure you take tissues (for your wife) and hand sanitiser. Seating not covered at Ascari 16, had the afternoon been as sunny as the morning we would have suffered, covered seating next time! (Not forgetting excellent service from Booking F1, regular updates on issue of tickets, thanks BF1!)


12 Okt. 2015


Monza 2015

Beautiful circuit surrounded by stunning parkland. Easy to get around and it's a lovely walk in. Ascari chicane is a great place to watch from but don't expect anything more than concrete steps to sit on (take a cushion). The food and merchandise stalls are great.

Chris & alison

13 Sep. 2015


Italian gp

Lack of. Directions sign track officials due to distance we had to walk overall very enjoyable day my wife who is not really a f1 fan said that she enjoyed the experience.


09 Sep. 2015


Monza from Milan and sitting at Ascari 16

The track is easily accessed from Milan, on the Saturday we had to get the train to Monza and then a shuttle bus to the circuit main entrance. the shuttle bus is slow and very busy but you get there in the end. On race day the train also stops at Biasono Lesmo which is just after Monza and this is across the road from the Northern gate of the circuit, so no shuttle bus required. This provides far better access to the circuit but was not an option on the Saturday. I would recommend sitting at any point on Ascari, it's great viewing, particularly if you are at the top of the stand and can see above the fence. Monza is an old circuit, currently the oldest on the calendar. The facilities are dated but there are lots of porta loo's, so just take wet wipes. The seating is on concrete benches, so take a cushion and you'll be fine.


12 Sep. 2014


Italian Grand Prix

Circuit is excellent, toilets cleaned regularly (important in the Italian heat), food stalls are excellent and cheap. Non alcoholic drinks are reasonably priced. Alcoholic drinks are expensive. Access to the circuit is good, didn't get stuck in any traffic on any of the three days, you tend to follow parking signs for ages and then they just stop. Would be helpful if they indicated distance. Do not underestimate the passion of the Ferrari fans, they will shove you out the way to get a picture or an autograph. Thoroughly enjoyable weekend, would go back every year if I could.

Jeff Fagan

22 Sep. 2010


Monza 2010

Excellent facilities at the track and so easy to get around the circuit. The staff and helpers around the circuit were so helpfull and knowledgeable.Great view at Ascari 16, however you do need to bring pads as you sit on concrete seats. No problems bringing food and drink into the circuit. This circuit is just so ahead of Spa..which we did last year.

Filip Kitanoski

13 Sep. 2010


Fun and esciting

It was a perfect weekend in Italy! Monza rulls! Ascari 16 is perfect to watch the race, but on the other ascaris was more fun (tifosi) :) the was easy and perfect! cheers!

John O'Neill

29 Sep. 2009


Monza 2009

We only attended the Sunday race day, but both the atmosphere and view of the track were excellent. The seating was a bit rough, only a concrete bench but in a great position. we travelled by train from Como and caught the bus from the station to the track. The transport was well organised, and the work through the park was pleaseant, both before and after the race. The toilet facilities were less than ideal. After all these years the porter loos should have been replaced by decent clean toilet blocks. The pole dancers in a beer tent made for a difficult exit. Other than those two complaints, overall we had a wonderful experience and wish to thank yopu for your assistance with the tickets.

Wichtige Informationen

Tickets für Kinder

Kinder bis einschließlich 11 Jahren haben kostenlosen Zutritt zum Stehplatzbereich. Es wird kein separates Ticket benötigt.

Für Kinder bis einschließlich 11 Jahren gibt es ermäßigte Kindertickets für Tribünenplätze. Kinder über 11 Jahre benötigen ein Standardticket.

Es gibt keine vergünstigten VIP-Tickets für Kinder. Es muss ein vollwertiges Standardticket erworben werden.

Tickets für Menschen mit Behinderung (*Ermäẞigt)

Rollstuhlfahrer bekommen freien Zutritt zur Rennstrecke und benötigen kein Ticket. Vedano 25 ist eine Tribüne mit Rollstuhlzugang, die nicht im Voraus gebucht werden kann, sondern einfach am Renntag besetzt wird. Auf der Tribüne ist eine Begleitperson erlaubt. Um Zugang zur Rennstrecke zu erlangen, muss die Begleitperson allerdings eine Stehplatzkarte kaufen. Es gibt in der Nähe des Vedano 25 auch einen Behindertenparkplatz, der allerdings auch nicht im Voraus gebucht werden kann. Zeigen Sie bei Ihrer Ankunft einfach einen Parkausweis vor, der Sie zum Parken auf Behindertenparkplätzen berechtig.

Nicht jeder Bereich der Rennstrecke ist für Rollstuhlfahrer zugänglich. Wenn Sie am Haupteingang ankommen, haben Sie Zutritt zur Haupttribüne außen an der Strecke (1, 4, 5, 8a, 8b, Main Straight Bleachers, 24, 25, 26a, 26b und 26c). Es gibt außerdem einen Tunnel zum Zentrum der Strecke (6a, 6b, 6c, 9, 10, 12, 13, 15, 16, 19, 20, 23a, 23b und VIP Bereiche). Am Hintereingang der Rennstrecke bei der Parabolica, haben Sie direkten Zutritt zu den Tribünen (21a, 21b, 21c, 21d, 21e and 22). Das Zentrum kann bei diesem Eingang nur über eine Fußgängerbrücke erreicht werden. Am Nordeingang (Biassano Lesmo) haben Sie Zugang zu allen zentral gelegenen Tribünen und allen Tribünen am Haupteingang.

Zusätzliche Informationen

Für Freitags-Tribünentickets und Stehplatzkarten gilt freie Platzwahl. Ausgenommen ist die Tribüne ‚Centrale: Hier sind die Sitzplätze reserviert und Ticketinhaber haben während des Rennwochenendes keinen Zugang zu anderen Tribünen.

Folgende Tribünen sind mit Sitzbänken anstatt mit einzelnen Sitzplätzen ausgestattet:

  • Alta Velocita 6a
  • Alta Velocita 6b
  • Alta Velocita 6c
  • Ascari 16
  • Ascari Due 13
  • Ascari Tre 12
  • Ascari Uno 15
  • Inner Parabolica Terraces 10, 11, 12, 13
  • Laterale Sinistra 4
  • Main Straight Bleachers
  • Parabolica Interna 23a
  • Parabolica Interna 23b
  • Piscina 5
  • Prima Variante 8a
  • Prima Variante 8b
  • Roggia 10
  • Seconda Variante 9
  • Vedano 24

Auf Tribüne 8 liegt der Bereich 8a höher als 8b. Bei Tribüne 23 liegt 23b näher an der Boxeneinfahrt als 23a.


Die Rennstrecke in Monza liegt in einem Naturschutzgebiet. Deshalb ist in einigen Bereichen die Sicht durch Bäume eingeschränkt. Wenn Sie wegen der Sicht von einer bestimmten Tribüne aus besorgt sind, kontaktieren Sie uns gerne und wir beraten Sie, wo Sie die beste Aussicht haben.

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