Formel 1 Großer Preis von Abu Dhabi 2020

27 29 Nov.vorläufig
Main Club

F1 Abu Dhabi 2020Main Club

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Was kann ich sehen?

Für die Atmosphäre dieses Rennens im Sonnenuntergang ist die Haupttribüne genau der richtige Ort: Sie befindet sich an der Start-Ziel-Geraden mit Blick auf die Startaufstellung, die Boxengasse und die Teamgaragen. Sie können außerdem vielleicht die Autos sehen, wie Sie in Kurve 1 einbiegen oder auf von Kurve 21 die Ziellinie zufahren.

Was bekomme ich mit diesem Ticket?

Sie erhalten einen reservierten Sitzplatz auf der Haupttribüne und Zugang zum Oasenbereich, wo Sie Essen und Trinken kaufen können, als auch verfügbares Merchandise. Ihr Ticket enthält außerdem den gleichen Zugang zu den Konzert-Zonen, wie ein Stehplatzticket. Die Haupttribüne befindet sich außerdem in der F1-Fanzone, wo Sie jeden Tag F1-Fahrer sehen können und es Autogrammstunden gibt. Das dürfen Sie nicht verpassen!

Main Club

Gönnen Sie sich ein Upgrade von einem normal Tribünenticket zum Club-Ticket. Sie können sowohl die Rennaction auf der Strecke mitverfolgen, als auch exklusiven Zugang zur legeren und klimatisierten Indoor-Lounge genießen, wo Sie Essen und Getränke kaufen können. Der Club-Bereich befindet sich außerhalb der Tribüne und bietet keinen Blick auf die Rennstrecke.

Abu dhabi main club main
Abu dhabi main club club

Preise enthalten Rennticket und Zugang zum Club-Bereich.


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26 Nov. 2018


Fantastic seats. Great race. A real experience.

All worked very well. Seats were in The exact part the stand requested. 18 of us all today ! Really easy to navigate all that goes on over the whole weeekend. Fantastic experience. Looking forward to next year already!


30 Nov. 2016


Good event but expensive and hard to find out things!

The circuit is well out of town and there is no easy way to access it apart from taxis which of course are scarce after the racing/concerts are over. There were massive Qs for taxis and no organisation or information about what to do. We decided to take the circular bus to a yas island hotel and got one there in the end. Circuit is badly signed outside and inside - and we were redirected to our seats 3 times by stewards before we found them. Basically the circuit is only used for the grand prix so they recruit staff who are there for the very first time and don't really know what is what. They tell you what you want to hear!! You cannot walk round the circuit, it is divided up into areas so you can only go into the area where you have tickets. The Marina is not accessible at all and you cannot to onto the hill (non seated area) even if you have 3 day pass. Refreshments are incredibly expensive. Forget alcohol , beer is best bet, wine is £5 plus for a very small glass. You cannot take food or drink in from outside. (water only). Food is also costly - eat before you go and buy stuff from a small supermarket! Security is very tight, you cannot take any type of larger camera into the concerts for instance and have to leave it outside (Big Q to give in and poor arrangement so allow at least 45 mins for this) You are searched. I had an empty water plastic water bottle taken off me! There is large area in front of main stage reserved but not clear for whom, we were not eligible although we had 3 day main club tickets. Main singers were not on tlll 9 but this was not clear there was no mention of the "supporting" acts. For racing -Where we sat (Main ) we were opposite podium and near finish line, there were no screens at all so we could not see all of the action. There was a large concreted stepped area that you could stand on and see cars coming round bend from West stand which was good as you did not have to be confined to seat all the time. Not worth paying for "Club" it was just a rather shabbily decorated area under the stand and all drinks (even soft ones) were chargeable. Only small screen access to race here so you are better outside where there is more choice. Pre race entertainment was good mainly britains got talent ex contestants! Lots of fun things on race day, fireworks , flypast etc but rest of time pretty ordinary. things shut up by 8. Concert is down the road about a 3/4 mile from race track. There were quite a lot of empty seats on race day at backs of some stadiums, a shame. They also don't let everyone on the track after the race and clear up promptly so not such good fun as other circuits at this point. No worries re heat, it was hot but not boiling and cools down from 4 pm anyway to very comfortable temperature. Free wifi everywhere but does not work very well, ie lots of stuff would not send. Abu Dhabi not a café society or good for walking round - few things to see - shopping is main pastime! Everything very spread out with lots of fast highways and lanes of traffic to contend with. Sky scrapers incredible architecture and city very pretty at night as well lit up. If you want to relax choose a hotel with facilities. Dubai is long journey - took us 1.5 hours in and 2 hours out going home to get to airport by prebooked car. Meals out - think £50 plus for two just with soft drinks and no dessert! Wine (alcohol only served in hotels) is £50 plus a bottle for plonk!

Shabbir Gulamali

30 Nov. 2016


A great weekend; shame about the title outcome

Spectacular venue, grandstand seats and helpful staff, as well as some excellent post-race concerts. However the food stalls were awful at the venue, and the club lounge was only a little better for food. The parking was too far from the circuit and the organisers had not arranged enough buses to ferry people around - at one point a fight almost broke out as people queued for over an hour. All in all the weekend was superb; Abu Dhabi is a great city, easy to commute to from Dubai; the circuit was amazing and who could ask for better weather. Just a few logistical issues, and as a die-hard Lewis Hamilton fan, the only extra I could have wished for is for Nico Rosberg to have finished 4th and Lewis would win the championship!


29 Nov. 2016


F1 weekend

The event was great, i am not an avid F1 fan ,but wanted to experience the event and it was great. If i did it again i would only go for the weekend or if possible attend the final race as the other days of qualifying and practice seem to take a long time, but that is my opinion and i would assume all fans of F1 would want to see everything unfold during the 3/4 day event. Main club is ok, seats are good you just get entry to a makeshift lounge down below the seating, very clean and the food is nice, air conditioned, which is great, better then eating outside in the heat.

Gabrielle Mcdowall

29 Nov. 2016


Too much walking that was never mentioned,is ok but for me after a day I'm asthmatic

The weekend was amazing fantastic I will do it again,the staff when I bought the tickets were by far too helpful and very friendly,very professional my tickets arrived well on time.the race was amazing I loved every minute of it.thank you very much to the U.K. Officials I was very pleased with the service


29 Nov. 2016


Abu Dhabi 2016

Great Race, really only two grips:- A) Main Stand is OK but seats at far end of Stand so missed most of the pre/post action but worse was the Screen coverage which first was very poor for content and information e.g. During Qualifying only first ten positions displayed and no lap times and secondly poor visual quality. B) Public Transport after the race was inadequate, lack of buses or taxis back into the main Abu Dhabi location.

Fiona Dorward

28 Nov. 2016


Best Race Experience of the Year

Abu Dhabi consistently provides the best F1 experience of the year. Staff security catering and stewarding are excellent. Our seats in main grandstand opposite Lewis Hamilton pit garage- for huge Lewis Hamilton fans - were a dream come true.


30 Nov. 2015



everything was great and it was my first time .


30 Nov. 2015


Great weekend

Definitely recommend Abu Dhabi and BookF1

Tina Richards

30 Nov. 2015


Organisation very poor

Overall we had an amazing weekend. The only criticism I have is the organisation. The signs for car parks were very poor. Transport ie. Taxis were extremely difficult to get. None of the staff seem to know what was going on. Everyone we spoke to that was British felt the same way. As far as your company and the tickets we were extremely happy.

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